Heba is a major agent and distributor for the following fire and safety equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment

HEBA supplies high-quality fire fighting equipment and fire extinguisher across Middle East for many markets. Our products have been certified by organizations such as UL, FM, BSI, LPCB and Global Mark. All fire fighting equipment provided by HEBA will enhance the overall safety of your property. 

Safety Equipment

HEBA supplies rescue equipment and accessories for fire fighting units and emergency & rescue units across Dubai and the MENA region. Our equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and rescue tools will ensure that your personnel are able to conduct operations successfully whatever the environment. 

Systems Engineering

HEBA supplies a complete selection of fire protections systems that will improve the safety of your property in Dubai and the Middle East. We manufacture every fire system in accordance with international standards. Our company supplies fire protection systems.
We supply a huge selection of fire products such as fire alarms systems, fire detection system, fire alarm kit, wireless fire alarm systems and smoke alarm to meet your needs. 

Fire Trucks

HEBA is the leading supplier of trucks and vehicles in Dubai and the MENA region. All fire vehicles supplied by our company have been constructed to the highest standards and will enable you to respond quickly to fires regardless of your environment. Our fire fighting trucks and vehicles are suitable for combating fires in airports, domestic and commercial buildings and more.
 In our range, we have new fire trucks, fire tankers and many more. In addition to our fire fighting trucks, we can supply a rescue truck, truck engine and other fire department equipment to meet all of your requirements. 
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