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T4 Max Thermal Imager

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T4 pioneers jaw-dropping new features starting with an ultra-high resolution infrared engine and the industry’s only brilliant 4.3" widescreen liquid crystal display. Digital zoom brings the world in front of you to close view, while the Super Red Hot™ feature, along with the revolutionary Electronic Thermal Throttle™ complete the picture of the most advanced firefighting thermal imager available anywhere.

  • Ultra-high resolution engine for maximum performance and clarity.
  • Bright 4.3-inch widescreen display provides clear, vivid imagery.
  • Exclusive thermal imaging color technology.
  • 2X and 4X digital zoom.
  • Electronic Thermal Throttle reveals hidden fire and distinguishes hotter objects.
  • Super Red Hot pinpoints fire source and progression.
  • Advanced Relative Heat Indicator measures temperature.
  • Small, lightweight design.
  • Bullard Tough: Durable under the most extreme situations.
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