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Range Guard Kitchen Hood Systems

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Fire Suppression System for Commercial Cooking Applications

Range Guard's Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System, uses KARBALOY, the superior wet chemical agent first developed over 37 years ago. Range Guard was the First, and remains the Best. This pre-engineered system design give, operational versatility, safety and effectiveness, Inexpensive hardware and system installation and fast cost effective system maintenance and upgrades.
Each Range Guard® system comes with
  • Over 37 Years of Proven Performance
  • Range Guard® was the first UL-listed wet chemical fire suppression system
  • Built-In Cost Savings
  • Range Guard's pre-engineered design gives you: optimal versatility, safety, and effectiveness inexpensive hardware and system installation fast and cost-effective system maintenance & upgrades.
  • World Class Service
  • Badger Fire Protection backs all its products with the best customer service and technical support. Range Guard® comes with Badger's assurance of the highest quality workmanship and service

The system guards against:
  • Property damage.
  • Business interruption.
  • Potential injury.
  • High installation costs.
  • High maintenance costs.
  • UL 300 Listed.
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