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Context Plus Conventional Fire Alarm Systems Control Unit

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Fire Alarm System equipment is available in various configurations to meet the customer requirement. The equipment covers a wide range of products.
Context Plus is a range of product that meets the requirement of a simple fire alarm system to a medium size addressable system. Panels are available from as small as 2 zone conventional panel to a large size panel of 32 zones. To complement these panels various field devices are available.
Also addressable panels are available with a single loop to 4 loops. Each loop can communicate with 128 field devices. Various addressable field devices compatible with these panels are available, like Photoelectric Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Multi-sensor Detectors, Manual Call Points, Sounders, Beacons to name a few.
This System and its equipment meet the requirements as per the latest BS and EN requirements. Detailed product literature is available on request.

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