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Rear Mount Ladder


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Rearmount ladders range from 75’ to 121’ and although each model can be highly customized, everyone includes unparalleled strength as standard.

  • Models include:
  • 75’ Single Axle, 500# Tip Load
  • 75’ Tandem Axle, 500# Tip Load
  • 100’, 3 Section, 1000# Tip Load
  • 100’, 4 Section, 500# or 750# Tip Load
  • 100,000psi Steel Ladder with KME Exclusive Proof Load Testing
  • Over 300 KME custom chassis configurations available in a variety of raised roof options and travel heights
  • Aluminum or stainless steel bodies in a single axle and tandem axle configuration
  • 1,500 to 2,250gpm midship pumps
  • 150 to 500 gallon water tanks.
  • Foam and CAF systems available
  • Variety of lighting and generator systems available.

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