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Globe Sprinklers and Deluge Water

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When it comes water based automatic fire protection system, wet sprinkler systems lead the list in the most effective and popular systems. Though these are very simple are effective when designed and installed as per the requirements of the latest standards.

Typical applications of wet pipe sprinkler system would include offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals, stores, shopping centers and residential settings such as apartment and condominium complexes. The system consists of Alarm Check Valve, control valve which is normally an outside screw and yolk gate valve and piping network with the automatic sprinklers.
Typical applications for dry pipe sprinkler systems include unheated warehouse, cold storage's, attic spaces, loading docks and other areas exposed to freezing temperatures.
There are two types of sprinklers - bulb type and solder type. Quartzoid bulb type sprinklers are available in a variety of attractive finishes that blend well with their surroundings. When In stand-by service, a small bubble in the fluid contained in the bulb compensates for normal temperature changes. When heated, the fluid in the bulb expands and shatters the bulb which allows water to be discharge. Solder type sprinklers employ a bell-shaped copper link whose two sections are joined by solders with a predetermined temperature rating. Heat absorbed by the link is conducted directly to the solder joint. When the solder melts, the link springs apart, releasing water that strikes the deflector.

Fire Sprinkler System Design, Installation
Properly installed and maintained automatic fire sprinkler systems help save lives. Because fire sprinkler systems react so quickly, they can dramatically reduce the heat, flames and smoke produced in a fire.
We offer efficient turnaround at every step, from design and installation through system acceptance and after-installation service. Whatever your application, we have the high-quality products and specialized expertise to meet your needs.
HEBA Fire sprinkler system is installed by our own field crews. Professional project managers assure that installation proceeds according to specification, and is completed on time and on budget.
Advanced In-House Fire Sprinkler Design
A good design is the foundation of every high-quality fire sprinkler system. You can count on HEBA Fire Protection's exceptional design strength to give you a well-conceived system and to smooth the overall process.
Fire Sprinkler Design and installation Services Include:
  • Hazard analysis.
  • Site surveys.
  • Estimating and Consultation.
  • CAD design.
  • Hydraulic calculations.
  • New construction design & installation.
  • Product selection.
  • Light, ordinary and extra hazard systems as defined by NFPA
  • Wet pipe systems
  • Dry pipe systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Standard response sprinklers
  • Quick response sprinklers
  • Specialized sprinklers
  • Recessed and concealed
  • General purpose valves
  • And many more
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