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Water Mist System

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Chemetron Water Mist Fire Systems 

is at the forefront of water mist fire suppression technology. A Water Mist system is a means of fire protection utilizing a very fine spray. Water is an outstanding physical agent as a result of its exceptionally high heat absorbing capacity and latent heat of vaporization. Water Mist works to quench the fire and hold damage to a minimum. It is a clean agent suitable for a range of sensitive applications and where people are involved.
The Chemetron™ Water Mist system is designed to extinguish fires in various hazards using a limited quantity of water, as compared to standard sprinkler systems. The water is discharged through uniquely designed nozzles that create a very fine droplet size. Water Mist achieves fire extinguishment through a number of processes.
  • Flame quenching by cooling of burning materials and potential fuel sources to below auto-ignition temperatures.
  • Inerting as a result of vapor production, which excludes oxygen from the flame front. This generation of vapor dilutes the oxygen percentage in the air and combats the fire.
  • Blocking radiative heat between the fire and adjoining combustibles, thus slowing down propagation of the fire.

  • Safe for humans.
  • Highly efficient fire extinguishment capability.
  • Quenches the flame.
  • Inerts the flame front.
Suitable for a wide range of applications: Blocks radiated heat.
Hotels, historical buildings, churches and cathedrals, art galleries, theatres, data centres, hospitals, libraries, museums, archives, residential developments, high-rise buildings, prisons .
Cruise ships, ferries, Ro-Ro vessels, cargo ships, workboats, yachts.
Surface vessels and submarines.
Offshore structures
Offshore platforms and production facilities.
Transportation infrastructure
Road tunnels, trains, metro train stations, terminals, airports.
Industry and energy facilities
Machinery spaces, gas turbines, wind turbines, SX plants, industrial fryers, transformers, cable tunnels.
Defence applications
Aircraft hangars, service/maintenance and training facilities, command centers.
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