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Heba Fire Pump Range


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HEBA provides a wide range of fire pump sets with different capacity range vary from 120 GPM up to 1500 GPM at 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 bar pressure however Heba has ability to manufacture larger pump capacities as per customer’s request. All the pump sets must be fully run tested for to insure that no leak will occur at the required pressure. Moreover a thoroughly test is conducted to insure that the pump set is fully operating at the required capacity. A free of charge testing and commissioning will be provided.

  • Highly visible pressure indicator.
  • Equipped with water proof control panel with different available IP Ratings:
  • IP Rating/mm
  • 500*400*200
  • 500*400*250
  • 600*500*250
  • 800*600*250
  • 1000*800*300
  • 1200*1000*300
  • Supplied either with or without suction line.
  • High quality diesel engine.
  • 1-LOMBARDINI diesel engines (120 – 400 GPM).
  • 2-VM MOTORI diesel engines (500 – 1500 GPM).
  • Equipped with Electra Siemens-MEZ electrical motor.
  • Equipped with BOMBAS IDEAL free shaft pump.
  • Equipped with BOMBAS ELIAS stainless steel jockey pump. CE Approved.
  • All the pump parts are equipped with operating and warning indicators.
  • Equipped with an ammeter and voltmeter gauges.
  • Equipped with Emerson-Alco pressure switches.
  • English & Arabic language operating instructions.
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